Wow Willy over the counter Peyronie’s treatment

Peyronie's Treatment Available At Selfridges Products aimed at male health are generally viewed as taboo and with a high degree of cynicism. This negative consensus of opinion is fueled by the large array of herbal based penis enlargement pills, patches and creams all offering a solution to quite possibly the oldest male problem - is [...]

The differences between penis curve and Peyronie’s disease

Contrary to popular belief, a bent or a curve in your penis DOESN'T mean that you have Peyronies Disease. When you first started doing research on the Internet about treatment to straighten your curved penis, you may have encountered information about a condition that cause a penile curvature, Peyronie's disease. This affliction was named after the French surgeon that first described it, Francois de la Peyronie, in 1743. Peyronie's disease is characterized by a severe curve in the penis caused by the hardening of tissue. A plaque or hard lump forms in the penis, usually on top or under the shaft, in the layers of erectile tissue. The plaque should feel like "dead tissue" that is neither painful or pleasurable when touched.

Easy and risk-free Peyronies treatment

Who never compared the size and shape of their penis to other guys in the locker room? For some, getting changed in front of others can be a daunting experience because they feel self conscious about the curve in their penis. Whilst men may be looking to compare themselves to other to see if their [...]