Peyronies and available treatment

Research has shown that 1% of the adult male population across the globe suffers from a bent penis, a condition medically known as Peyronie's. Take comfort in the fact that penile curvature is not uncommon but then again due to its embarrassing nature, is rarely discussed. The one in every hundred ratio may be a [...]

What is Peyronies and how can it be cured?

Peyronie’s disease cause a visible angled bend of the penis when erected. It is quite common and can affect 1 out of 100 men. The bent is caused by fibrous or hard scar tissues in the layers of the penis composed of erectile tissues. Localized on the front of your penis bends it upward and in the back, downward. When both sides of the shaft are affected, it can cause a shortening of the penis. With Peyronie’s disease, the penile curvature can be up to 30%, making erection painful and less potent because of the additional blood required to maintain the erection. In severe cases, Peyronie’s can also lead to impotency. This is why it’s important to treat this affliction.