Peyronies and available treatment

peyronies-treatmentResearch has shown that 1% of the adult male population across the globe suffers from a bent penis, a condition medically known as Peyronie’s.

Take comfort in the fact that penile curvature is not uncommon but then again due to its embarrassing nature, is rarely discussed.

The one in every hundred ratio may be a great deal higher as this figure is based on men that have actively sought treatment – estimation could be as high as 1 in 80.

There is hope for the 1% of men out there who are not satisfied with their penile curvature. You don’t have to put up with Peyronies because a treatment is available. Surgery and intra-penile steroid injections are not your thing? It’s not ours either! We found a natural alternative to straighten our penis without having to go under the knife or suffer any pain at all.

But first let us show you how the penis became curved.

What are the causes of a bent penis?

Commonly known as peyronie’s disease, the penis curve is a result of fibrous tissue developing, causing a hard band of tissue focussed around the centre of your penis. When erected, the angle can be as curved as 30% in some men.

Peyronies is a disease normally found in men aged between 40-70, but it’s not restricted to this age group. Some men in their teens have been diagnosed with the condition.

The biggest problem for men afflicted with Peyronies is not only the visual aspect of the bent, but that this slight curvature can make sex either uncomfortable, painful or in some cases even impossible.

Women are naturally built to accommodate a penis size of 4 to 9 inches and most of them will tell you that if you are around this size, the number of inches is not of importance to them. But one thing is for sure, their vaginas are not made to cope with curvatures, no matter the size.

You can straighten your penis

Doctors have found that a type 1 medical device, which means that it’s certified by Health Authorities, that was originally invented to increase penis length by 30% can also correct penile angulations. Clinical studies proved that men using a penis extender for 2 to 3 hours a day for 24 weeks improved the size of their penis by up to 2.75 inches as well as corrected the curve in their penis.

Using this traction device, you can offer your body a natural treatment for peyronie’s disease without the risk of impotency or deformation.

Penis Extender

We tried a penis extender for 6 months and we were impressed with the results. We are not only enjoying sex again, but we are able to experiment with new and exciting positions without having to worry about the bent in our penis. In no time we were experiencing great and satisfying sex that was not only pain free but so much fun!

Now, all our partner concern is the new bigger, thicker man in her life.

Learn more about how a penis extender can serve
as a treatment for Peyronies

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  1. I have peyronie’s and I am currently on medicare. My question is, is this product able to be approved and purchased with my insurance.? I have reduced in size and it is not possible to have an intimate relationship with my wife.

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