The differences between penis curve and Peyronie’s disease

Contrary to popular belief, a bent or a curve in your penis DOESN’T mean that you have Peyronies Disease.

When you first started doing research on the Internet about treatment to straighten your curved penis, you may have encountered information about a condition that cause a penile curvature, Peyronie’s disease. This affliction was named after the French surgeon that first described it, Francois de la Peyronie, in 1743.

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by a severe curve in the penis caused by the hardening of tissue. A plaque or hard lump forms in the penis, usually on top or under the shaft, in the layers of erectile tissue. The plaque should feel like “dead tissue” that is neither painful or pleasurable when touched.

Peyronies Diagram

Nobody knows exactly what causes Peyronie’s disease. It could be a severe impact to the penis that happened in the past or especially rough sex. If your penis looks like the one in the diagram and you think that you have Peyronie’s disease, you should check with your doctor to get a diagnostic.

If you always had the curve or your penis bent during puberty, it may not be Peyronie’s. Some men penis are naturally curved. Unfortunately, a bent penis can cause pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse. You can also be embarrassed by the shape of your shaft and want it straight. Also, a curved penis usually makes it look shorter than it is in reality. For all these reasons, you could wish to straighten your penis.

The good news is that you don’t need to suffer the embarrassment, the pain and the high cost of surgery to treat a bent penis. If you have already been diagnosed with Peyronie’s or you were born with a naturally curved penis, an effective and clinically proven method exists to straighten your manhood.

Why suffer the consequences that a bent penis can have of your sex life, the comfort of your partner during intercourse and your self-esteem when a natural, non-surgical and medically backed cure is available?

We are relieved that the medical community has started to pay more attention to male health and penis problem. Doctors have found another way than risky surgery to correct the curve in penis with an easy system to treat Peyronies disease and bent penis.

Bent Penis? We came across a medical report that you should know about

The penis straightener device used to treat the curve in penis has been on the market for a few years, always improving along new clinical research results. This product was featured in numerous scientific papers and been demonstrated at the European Congress of Sexual Medicine.

Doctors have made an interesting discovery. Numerous case studies shows that a device originally made to enlarge penis can also correct penile curvature. With scientific studies to back this up, a penis extender is the easiest surgery-free way to correct the bent in your penis.

Wendy Hurn, Urology Specialist Practitioner at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in the United Kingdom, published her research in a medical paper that has worldwide recognition. She concluded that a penis extender is a real alternative to surgery for correcting penis curves either naturally occurring or from Peyronies disease.
In the same report, Wendy Hurn provides details of several case studies including a man who saw a 20 degree decrease in his curvature along with an increased penis length.

We urge you to read the full report if you are afflicted by Peyronies or a naturally curved penis. It is slightly technical but the synopsis sums up well.

If your bent penis:

  • Is uncomfortable for your sexual partner during sex
  • Causes pain and discomfort during erection or ejaculation
  • Disrupt your couple’s physical and emotional relationship
  • Causes low self-esteem and loss of confidence

There is a cure using a simple and scientifically tested device that will enlarge your penis while correcting the curve. You could be enjoying more pleasurable sex and increased confidence in just a few weeks. Get rid of your curvature for good once and for all. Once your penis is straightened with the penis extender, it will never go back to the shape it was before the treatment.

Doctors have found a surgery-free cure so that you don’t need to suffer from a bent penis anymore. Why let it continue to be an issue when it’s now so easy to cure, with new medical research showing how effective the treatment is?

The most recommended penis extenders to treat Peyronies and curved penis is Size Genetics (read our Size Genetics review). Doctors recommend this device because it has a comfort strap instead of noozle that is very dangerous and can deform penis. We have done a lot of research to ensure that ordering your penis extender on the Internet would be anonymous and secure. This extender will come in a discreet package and the billing company is un-descriptive. With the Size Genetics device, you are in confidence!

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