What is Peyronies and how can it be cured?

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease cause a visible angled bend of the penis when erected. It is quite common and can affect 1 out of 100 men. The bent is caused by fibrous or hard scar tissues in the layers of the penis composed of erectile tissues. Localized on the front of your penis bends it upward and in the back, downward. When both sides of the shaft are affected, it can cause a shortening of the penis. With Peyronie’s disease, the penile curvature can be up to 30%, making erection painful and less potent because of the additional blood required to maintain the erection. In severe cases, Peyronie’s can also lead to impotency. This is why it’s important to treat this affliction.

Peyronies penis

Peyronies – Several solutions are available

If you are afflicted with Peyronie’s disease causing the bent of your penis, several options are offered to you, some more intrusive than others. Every solutions, except one that will be explained below, have flaws. This is why it’s important that you are well informed before taking any decisions that will affect your penis and your sex life.

Surgery: Plication Procedure

The plication procedure consist of shortening the longer side of your penis, so both sides are the same length. The results after recovery are instant but this procedure leave you with an unpleasant side effect which could be very negative for almost every men: this surgery shortens your penis when erected. Also, like for every surgery, several risks are involved. You will also need to take time off work, explain to people why you need a surgical intervention and then deal with the side effects off the anesthesia once you get out of the hospital. With surgery, there is the added risk of causing further deformation to your penis.

Surgery: Excision Grafting Procedure

In this procedure, surgeons incise the lump created by the hardening of tissues and aim to straighten your penis through a reconstruction of the resultant defect using graft material.

Although this procedure have initial perks, sooner of later these grafts – due to lack of blood supply – will either begin to contract or cause a deformity once again.

So despite these initial gains, after a few months you are no better off than you were to begin with. And considering that in many cases this surgery can cause impotency, it is not worth the risk.

Surgery: Prosthetic Implantation Procedure

Probably the most painful of Peyronie’s surgeries, Prosthetic Implantation Procedure involves the placement of hollow (inflatable) or semi-rigid silastic cylinders into the corpora cavernosa of your penis. The end result is a straight penis but at the price of excruciating pain.

Penis Extender: The easiest and pain-free solution

Now imagine if you could skip all these procedures and offer you body a pain free solution – without the risk of deformity, without the loss of penis length and without the possibility of impotency.

Surely, if a solution to treat Peyronie’s disease without going under the knife exists, surgery is certainly not the best medical path to follow.

In fact by opting to use surgery you are not only increasing your chances of damaging your penis, but the pain that will ensue will not be worth it. Not when you can offer your body an affordable non-surgical method to fix your bent penis.

The other option to surgery to straighten your penis is using a type 1 medical device. With this device you can experience the permanent results of a 70% correction in your penile curvature, plus a 30% penile elongation.

Doctors recommend using a penis extender that will not only straighten the curve in your penis, but can also have other beneficial effects. In fact, patient using extenders for a bent penis have been known to report up to 2,75 inches increase in penis size as well as bigger girth.

How does a penis extender work?

A penis extender is non-surgical, medically-approved device that you put every day on the penis for 2-3 hours. The device is so comfortable you won’t even realize that you are wearing it. A discreet size device means it can be worn when watching TV, at the office or even while you sleep. By placing minute amounts of stress on the penis body, the extender creates new skin cells that will straighten your shaft as well as enlarge your penis.

And in just 24 weeks, you could be enjoying the benefits of a straighter, bigger, longer penis, and the knowledge that you attained it all without having to go under the knife.

Here is a quick video demonstrating how a penis extender works for penis straightening and enlargement:

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so you can cure your Peyronie’s disease once and for all

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