Wow Willy over the counter Peyronie’s treatment

Peyronie’s Treatment Available At Selfridges

Products aimed at male health are generally viewed as taboo and with a high degree of cynicism.

This negative consensus of opinion is fueled by the large array of herbal based penis enlargement pills, patches and creams all offering a solution to quite possibly the oldest male problem – is it possible to increase the size of my penis?

A high majority of male enhancement products that are aggressively promoted on the internet have highly dubious credentials and practically zero chance of success.

Another age old problem that effects many men to a more troublesome degree is Peyronie’s disease – or curvature of the penis.

To date the only effective treatments are penile cosmetic surgery and the use of traction.

More About Peyronies and Available Treatments

Penis enlargement surgery carries a faster potential reward but also carries a higher risk of permanent disfigurement and loss of sensitivity.

The success rate of cosmetic penile surgical operations across the globe is just over 50% so your odds of a successful penis straightening operation are only slightly better than calling a coin toss correctly.

Until now – most products relating to the male genitalia were not available to buy in store. This appears to be changing.

Penis Straightening Device sold in store

The aptly named Wow Willy traction device will go on sale at Selfridges (a large UK based department store) priced at around £250 (420 US$).


This will be first product of its kind available to buy in store anywhere in the world to not only provide a clinically proven and effective way to increase penis length and girth but also correct penile curvature.

Wow Willy Penis Straightener And Enlargement Device

Wow Willy is a patented branded clone of AndroPenis the scientifically produced traction device from Andro Medical. Harley Fit, a health company supplying pioneering products aimed at weight loss and alternative therapy are now entering into what is unknown territory.

Whether a product that carries a high embarrassment factor could be successful via the high street opposed to the anonymity of the internet remains to be seen.

Where To Buy The Wow Willy Penis Straightener

Wow Willy will go on sale around late October 2009 in store at Selfridges in the UK only.

For those who cannot wait or do not have the luxury of living within the UK – or would prefer a more anonymous and potentially less embarrassing purchasing experience, the original Andro Penis device is available via the official Andro Penis website.

The original Andro Penis product, which Wow Willy was based on, has been subject to numerous clinical studies. It is also around $80 cheaper into the bargain.

More about Andro Penis

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