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One of the few devices that is doctor recommended to correct the curve in penis is X4 Labs penis extender. This device deserve a 5 stars rating in our book because it’s effective, comfortable and a quick method to straighten your bent penis. It is also the best value for your money in term of quality and durability, with package starting as low as 99$. The X4 Labs penis extender is a high quality device made with medical grade material. It will not bent or rust like cheaper extenders. That is why doctors recommend the X4 Labs for a fast, safe and pain-free alternative to surgery to correct penis curvature. As a bonus, you will also gain size and girth, an extra most of us will be happy to get!

The discovery that changed it all in the treatment of penis curve

Doctors have made the sensational discovery that a device made to enlarge penis can also cure penis curve by up to 70%. Men with a bent penis or Peyronie’s disease can now benefit from a pain-free method to not only straighten their penis but add inches to their shaft as well. How can it get any better? There is no need for surgery anymore when a natural and easy cure exists.

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The Science of the X4 Labs device traction

The medical definition of traction is:

The use of a system of weights and pulleys to gradually change the position or size of a bone, ligament, or tissue.

Over the past thirty years, traction has been used for a variety of medical needs. Doctors has discovered great improvements in penis straightness and size through the use of a traction device. The researchers at X4 Labs have improved and extended this treatment to apply to penile enhancement through the use of gentle stretching.

During the 1990’s, X4 Labs research and development team has conducted clinical studies and worked exclusively on the effect of traction on the penis body. Notable in their studies was a major medical breakthrough, that traction devices could have a dramatic affect on the straightness and growth of the penis. Researchers noticed 70% in correction of penile curvature and approximately 20-30% increases in the length of the penis over a 2 month period.

The principle of traction that was used by X4 Labs researchers has been confirmed through history. For example, the long-neck giraffe women of Burma have long used similar theories to extend the lengths of their neck.

The minute amounts of stress applied by the device on the penis result in the regeneration of skin cells, which in turn increases in both length and girth, while the device also serves as a brace, straightening the penis like a cast straightens out bones. X4 Labs improved the design features of its original traction device. The new Hybrid Support System is a medical triumph allowing for improved traction and increased growth.

Exclusive technology for a straighter, longer and thicker penis

X4 Labs, an important research and development firm in the field of penis devices, has developed a unique Hybrid Traction System.

While other similar devices come with either silicone tubes or straps, the X4 Penis Extender is the only male extender anywhere on the market to offer men BOTH methods of support. This unique innovation is patented by X4 Labs, so you can only get this new technology from them. This exclusive system is specially designed to provide increased traction, improved blood circulation and maximum comfort. With the Hybrid Traction System you can choose which method of support suits you best, tube or strap. The X4 Labs is designed to cater to both uncircumcised and circumcised men and is compatible with all body type. Please don’t put any cheap devices on your most precious parts and put your health at risk. X4 Labs with it’s latest technology is the fastest, the most comfortable and safe penis extender on the market. With this penis straightening system, your penis will loose it’s curve in a matter of weeks, pain-free and surgery-free, so you can enjoy the sex life that you always dreamed of.

What does X4 Labs Deluxe include? Why should you use X4 Labs?
Complete X4 Deluxe Extender
New Hybrid Support System
2 Calibrated Tension Springs
2 Silicone Harnesses
2 Exclusive “Comfort Straps”
4 Memory Foam Comfort Pads
Sets of 4 extension bars
Tutorial CD-ROM
Bonus Men’s Health & Penis Exercise E-Book
Instruction Booklet
5 year Warranty
6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee
Free UPS Ground Shipping
Correct penis curve up to 70%
Increase penis size and girth
Hybrid Traction System
Comfort Strap technology
Made from medical grade, non-allergenic parts
Six month satisfaction guarantee
Lifetime warranty on parts
Discreet shipping, billing, and packaging
Available financing
Permanent results guaranteed
Better erection, orgasm
… and MORE SEX

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Straighten and Enlarge your penis easily with X4 Labs

Recommended by doctors around the world, the X4 Labs penis straightening system is the most efficient device at providing fast, easy and pain-free penis curve correction.

X4 Labs penis extender is clinically proven, classed as a CE medical type 1 device which means it is manufactured to the highest possible standards, and made from only the finest long-lasting medical grade materials. X4 Labs inspect each penis extender before shipping. If your X4 device is damaged upon receipt or broken during usage, X4 Labs will replace it, with no questions asked. With X4 Labs 6 months guarantee, you can use your penis extender for up to 180 days risk-free. if your penis is not straightening or you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the device and receive a refund.

In your discreet package, you will get the most advanced penis straightener system on the market today. The X4 Labs device has a 99% approval rating from its users on the Penis Enlargement Forum. The X4 Extender is sold in sex store, or you can only order it discreetly and anonymously on the official X4 Labs website. Don’t risk surgery when a natural, low cost and risk-free solution exists. This exclusive device is your best bet at a straight penis.

The most comfortable device for faster penis straightening with the exclusive Advanced comfort strap

While the X4 Labs Penis Extender has a unique designed Hybrid Support System, its specially designed and Patent Pending Advanced Comfort Strap Technology is what truly separates it from the competition. The wider and longer Comfort Strap provides better traction and comfort. The Advanced Comfort Strap, made with soft silicone, rests firmly around the penis and secures it comfortably in place. The X4 Labs extender is the only penis enlargement device that can be worn comfortably at home, at the office, and even during sleep.

Traditional and cheap penis extenders will slip or lose tension over time, but not the X4 device. The wider surface area of the Advanced Comfort Strap provides enhanced grip, prevents slippage, and ensures proper blood flow.

The amount of time you will wear the device is proportional to the straightness and increase in length of your penis. When you will get the device, you will want to wear it as long as possible at the beginning to see fast results. That is why it’s so important to have a comfortable penis extender. The additional comfort helps bring faster results compared to cheaper and inferior devices. The more it is convenient and comfortable, the more you will wear it! That is why X4 Labs focus so much on the quality, the comfort and the convenience of their device.

Testimonial by members of the Penis Enlargement Forum

My husband was serving overseas and I decided to order the X4 Labs extender for him, particularly to treat his penile curvature. When he came back from his service, I noticed drastic changes and his sexual drive was greater than before.

Angela, North Carolina, United States

I’ve had several surgeries in order to reconstruct my penis. My doctor recommended the use of the X4 Labs penis extender as a post-operative device. I have most likely gained more in length and girth from the penis extender than from the surgery itself.

Albert P. Sussex, England

Recently diagnosed with a mild case of Peyronie’s disease, I began to research a variety of non-surgical methods to treat penile curvature. The X4 Labs penis extender immediately gained my attention and has corrected approximately 95% of my penile curvature. I no longer suffer from erectile dysfunction and my urologist now recommends the X4 Labs extender to many of his patients.

Germaine W. Nassau, Bahamas

All purchases are covered by a 6 months guarantee and the device itself as a lifetime warranty. Just try the device for 180 days risk-free if you want to correct the curve in your penis. In the unlikely event the device doesn’t straighten and enlarge your penis as you wish, your costs are refunded with no questions asked. It is going to be the last penis extender you will ever buy and ever need because the results are guaranteed to be permanent. X4 Labs provides the most complete penis enlargement package, including all the necessary parts for a successful penis straightening program. Cheaper penis extenders may not include spring tension rods and have a variety of design flaws. No other penis extender than the X4 Labs includes as many parts, ensuring that you will never have to buy anything else.

Limited-time Bonus offer from X4 Labs

For a limited time, not only will you get the X4 Labs unique device to achieve a straighter, longer and bigger penis, but 200$ worth bonus for free. The bonus are designed to help improve the efficiency of the penis extender and improve your sexual performance. Free with purchase of the X4 Labs Gold Edition system, you will automatically get a membership to PenisAccess.Com, that gives the latest information on penis health, penis enlargement exercises, tips and tricks and free online DVDs for a more gratifying sex life. On top of that, you will have access to Men’s Health eBook with useful tips, tricks and methods to achieve the utmost efficiency. You will also receive free DVDs, the Special Edition Better Sex Guide DVD, featured by AskMen.Com, an interactive guide to more than 60 sexual positions to spice up your love life in a 2 DVD box-set. More? You will also get a 50$ gift certificate applicable toward your next X4 Labs purchase.

Bonus you will receive:

– Deluxe Mahogany Storage Case with Deluxe Velvet Interior
– Instructional Exercise & Full Tutorial Video CD-ROM
– Bonus Men’s Health & Penis Exercise E-Book
– Free Membership to PenisAccess
– $50 X4 Labs Gift Card
– Bonus Better Sex Erotic Sex Position DVD
– Bonus Better Sex Sensual Position DVD
– Instruction Booklet
– Lifetime Warranty
– 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee
– Free UPS Ground Shipping

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